we produce advanced systems for industrial water treatment
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Multivalve Systems

The system of membrane valves for various purposes and configurations providing control of liquid flows in all possible water purification systems

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Disc filters

Filters for coarse and fine water purification from all kinds of mechanical impurities. Successfully applied for the pre-treatment of water in various industries.

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Multivalve system JK-Matic - the innovative word in industrial water treatment!
  • Wide scope and high productivity
  • Salt and water savings up to 50%
  • Reduction of secondary water pollution
  • Convenient and inexpensive service
  • Flexibility in the selection of different filtration processes

The standard multivalve system consists of the following main units:

  • set of hydro-pneumatically controlled Y-valves;

  • stager which controls the Y-valves;

  • controller

  • microprocessor controller for a given program, with the help of a hydro-pneumatic distributor, turns on / off the Y-valves located on the respective pipelines of the technological scheme. In this way the technological process takes place.

JK-Matic disc filters - proven technology of water purification from mechanical impurities
  • High filtration and backwash efficiency
  • Water savings up to 40%
  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Convenient and low cost service
  • Backwash pressure below 1.5 bar (22 Psi)

The filtering element is a package of special disks made of strong polymeric materials, on both surfaces of which there are diagonally grooves of a certain depth and width providing high fineness and accuracy of filtration. This method of combining surface and volumetric filtration has much higher performance compared to backfill filters.

Disc Filter Complete Sets

JYH Disc filter

Backwash Disc Filters

JYP Disc Filter

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About us

In 1994, the JK-Matic company was the first to introduce the technology of automatic control of a multi-way valve. And for more than 20 years we have been world leaders in the industrial water treatment sector.
Our unique can, without a twinge of conscience, be called savings: water and money for its cleaning. Our systems will help you to save the main resources!

Consultation with clients is provided by leading specialists and managers who are ready at any time to offer the best solution for the most complex problems in the field of water treatment. Our technical specialists have a huge experience in installing the equipment and know how quickly and easily to organize the transfer of dirty water into clean!

Our Benefits

  • The world's largest manufacturer in the field of industrial water treatment equipment

  • The first JK-Matic plant was founded in China in 1994

  • Pioneers in the market of systems for industrial water treatment

  • We take care of saving main resources: water, money and time

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